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Wednesday, 02 May 2018 10:05

Bones of 4th Pope need home after waste clearance firm's discovery!

Can you give a bone a home? And a very ancient and holy one at that! Staff at waste clearance firm EnviroWaste.co.uk were shocked to find the bones of apostle Pope St. Clement of Rome, the 4th Pope turning up after routine bin emptying in central London. Sadly, the precise location couldn't be pinponted because it was days and many bins later - but the company are keen for this religious historical 'waste item' to be given an appropriate home.

doodles pope bone  sealThus. the company are appealing for suggestions for a final resting place for this fragment of the man considered to be the first apostolic father of the church, the third successor to St Peter and the fourth Pope, who was Pope from 92 to 101 AD. It is said he died in 110 AD at the age of 75, making the bone nearly 2,000 years old.

EnviroWaste.co.uk, who've so far planted 4,300 trees in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, has created a contact page for members of the public to nominate an appropriate place of their choice: https://www.envirowaste.co.uk/blog/articles/bone-st-clement-found-central-london/

doodles pope st clements copyI've got to say that over the years I've heard of some strange items associated with the waste management industry, but this probably takes the crown.

Other disposals that spring to mind are the tale told to me years ago by a PR man for another waste company who had been fending off local 'Residents Against...' campaigns concerning the firm's latest landfill site; and as part of the 'getting to know us and see we're not bad people process', the company had set up a fact finding walk for local councillors and residents. It all seemed to be going brilliantly, the sun was shining and with the skylarks singing all around, the firm's efforts with encouraging biodiverse habitats on the landfill could be both seen and heard. It was so lovely a day, but maybe too warm because just as the satisfied throng of becalmed locals were about to be shown an orchid meadow, runt piglets started rising up from the ground from an area they had been disposed and probably covered too shallowly! The blazing sun had warmed their internal gases and they had risen like bread.

If you've got any tales from any period concerning bizarre disposals, haulage or findings relating to the waste management industry, whether that be as an industry insider or your local recycling site, please let me know. You don't have to name company's or precise locations, but regions at least. I'm only after the laugh and not to point the finger. Send 'em to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.