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The Rushlight Awards


Eventure Media presented the Rushlight Awards for the 9th year at a lively Awards Party at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. Attended by organisations that are leading the way in clean technology innovation and sustainable solution deployment, the party followed the Rushlight Show.

Rushlight Recycling Technologies1webThe overall winner was Recycling Technologies who have developed a series of scaled chemical processes to convert residual plastic waste into an ultra-low sulphur hydrocarbon product, which can be used as a petrochemical feedstock, a manufacturing commodity such as paraffin wax or as a fuel, for instance in shipping.

Adrian Griffiths, CEO, Recycling Technologies comments: "We are delighted to have won these awards and to have been recognised by such an important industry body for our work in helping to transform plastic waste into energy. At Recycling Technologies, we are hugely proud of our process and genuinely believe that our work is a key innovation in the field of recycling inorganic material, by creating a highly commercial, distributed solution for a multi-billion pound global problem."

Clive Hall, Rushlight Awards commented: "Innovation is a key driver for growth across our green economy and beyond, helping us find new ways to manage our environmental footprint, reduce costs and help put our businesses on a more sustainable footing. It's great to see so many organisations stepping up to this challenge, and I would like to congratulate the winners of the Rushlight Awards on their exciting new ventures."

The other group category winners were:

rushlight desolenatorwebDesolenator have developed a household water purifier that uses just solar energy to remove all contaminants from any source of dirty water and turn it into drinking water.

Oxford Advanced Surfaces has developed a chemical surface treatment that promotes the adhesion of polyurethane and epoxy adhesives to difficult-to-bond lightweight materials such as plastics, composites and aluminium which is ideal for the automotive industry.

Bowman Power Group's Electric Turbo Compounding System significantly improves the energy efficiency of reciprocating engines used for power generation by recovering waste energy from the engine exhaust and converting it to free, grid-quality power, resulting in up to 10% additional free power.

Topolytics is a market ready, cloud-based software platform that is designed with the specific purpose of integrating data on emissions, waste and energy, adding context in the form of mapping, narrative, images and documents, then reporting this easily and rapidly.

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