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  • Food waste reduced by processors changing testing Food
    Food waste reduced by processors changing testing

    Food waste reduction is key to saving money, improving food production efficiency, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, reducing packaging waste and protecting the environment. Dr Abdel Ezbiri from the technology company Cerulean discusses the waste that results from the temperature testing of fresh and chilled foods, and outline the success that some food processors have achieved in adopting non-destructive testing (NDT) technology.

  • Kingfisher's B&Q will cease selling metaldehyde in slug and snail controls Business
    Kingfisher's B&Q will cease selling metaldehyde in slug and snail controls

    Kingfisher, the home improvement company and owner of B&Q, will stop selling products that contain metaldehyde across its 1,200 stores and replace them with environmentally-friendly alternatives. The move follows three years of collaboration and product development with suppliers.

  • Raising awareness of sanitary disposal and fatbergs with social campaign Water
    Raising awareness of sanitary disposal and fatbergs with social campaign

    Best known for its work excavating the famous London Whitechapel fatberg, drainage firm Lanes Group plc has teamed up with a charity to help to raise funds and spread awareness of the correct way to dispose of sanitary products, an issue that's creating a huge problem in the nation's sewer system and waterways.

  • Adapting to climate change: what's next for the UK? Politics
    Adapting to climate change: what's next for the UK?

    Sarah Winne, Principal Consultant and Emma Green, Consultant in Ramboll's Environment & Health team predict the challenges facing the UK of adapting to climate chaos....

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Impact Air Systems

Global waste extraction and separation specialists, Impact Air Systems, will launch their new ‘try before you buy’ testing kits at this year’s Resource and Waste Management Exhibition 2016, as a leaning towards further innovation.

impact air systemsImpact Air Systems has celebrated a second record 12 months by providing technology solutions that have separated over 300K tonnes of recycling waste across the globe. To mark their success, Impact is launching a new free and simple waste testing kit, with the ambition to double their success by September 2018.

The simple, but smart idea comes in the form of a pre-packed box that visitors can order online before the exhibition, or pick up from the stand at the exhibition, which includes a bulk bag for waste operators to fill with a sample of their own mixed material, before sending or bringing it along to Impact’s test facility to see the separation results from the Impact Zigzag Classification Unit (ZCU) for themselves.

impact air systems bits2In addition to the testing kits, Impact will demonstrate its Zigzag Classification Unit at RWM 2016, and plans to hold regular live trials of a wide range of materials being processed and separated, so that the results are visible for waste operators to see.

Dave Lansdell, Technical Sales Director at Impact Air Systems explains how the ZCU is saving their customers thousands of pounds every day: “Waste management companies are starting to feel the pinch of the recent LOI regulations and are looking for ways to reduce their tax exposure. The Impact ZCU is a proven solution already working in many waste sites across the world. Our customers are astounded by the quick return on investment.  Almost every customer who puts a sample of their material through the unit goes on to buy a ZCU as the results speak for themselves.

“We wanted to find a way to make the testing process simple, quick and cost-effective, in order to provide the easiest way of introducing the ZCU to other waste operators in a bid to resolve their waste separation and landfill tax quandary.

“Our testing facility has been designed so potential customers can bring a sizeable sample along and see realistic results for themselves offering them a unique try before they buy option. We have seen a huge uptake over the 12 months. Waste operators are continually surprised with the impressive results of the ZCU separation process and the amazing return on investment so we are confident it will gain increased interest again this year.”

The Zigzag Classification Unit has been developed by Impact to enable simple installation and minimal wiring along with a reduced footprint. This system uses highly efficient density separation resulting in recovered recyclable materials that are cleaned of debris, paper and dust.

Impact Air Systems has met some big achievements in 2016 already. Earlier this year, Impact announced its exclusive partnership with Wastech Engineering, which now includes Impact’s waste separation solutions in their range of systems, making them successful in the market for air separation technology across Australia, and in 2015 announced its expansion into the US market with its new corporate offices and operations in California.

impact air systemsbits1Nick Ball, Managing Director of the Impact Air Systemsgroup shares his comments on the company’s success and growth in 2016 and its future goals: “This year, we’ve seen huge growth within the waste management industry. We have recently invested further in a specific innovation team to ensure we are offering the most effective separation solutions in the market.  We are very excited about launching our new waste testing kits at RWM – a simple, but effective way for customers to try before they buy.

“We are working extremely hard to continue our success into 2017 with plans for further expansion, new partnerships, product developments, and more innovations in the pipeline. We aim to assist more and more waste operators reduce their LOI, therefore reducing the amount of waste ending in landfill. The waste testing kits will help us to achieve this.”

To order a free testing kit visit: