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Hesco patented flood barrier JACKBOX™ has successfully won the UK Environment Agency (EA) tender for 10Km of temporary flood defence, to be stored at strategic locations across the UK, for emergency flood deployment.

hesco web marketplace2In 2015, winter floods struck both the US and UK unexpectedly and violently with the UK EA being forced to use sandbag walls to little effect. The walls were slow to build and often futile against high volumes of water and clean-up after the flood event was arduous and costly.

Hesco work extensively with Asset Field and Emergency Response Managers around the world to provide training and support during crisis situations; utilizing on-the-ground collaboration to gather crucial insight into flood fighting and affects during the development of new products; ensuring the development of a solution that not only works but is needed.

Mike Pickup, Head of Product Development, says: "We found that a recurring factor during emergency response is the need for fast deployment and cleaner recovery. Resources and time are limited during an emergency flood situation, you need something quick, efficient and robust that will protect your home or keep emergency access routes open."

JACKBOX was originally designed for the US market to provide a lightweight, more cost effective solution for flood protection where clean-up operations were difficult. Yet to be seen in action around America, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) opt to use traditional Hesco Flood units to help protect against floating debris. In the UK, however, HESCO JACKBOX has already been used to support levee defences and protect properties.

hesco web marketplaceAaron Ackley, Hesco Emergency Response Manager, who can often be found knee deep in floodwater supporting the USACE, says: "Each JACKBOX unit is self-supporting and requires no additional equipment. It can be easily placed and filled by just two people, is quick to deploy and requires only minimal effort to install.

"After the flood, JACKBOX is removed by simply lifting it, with the sand still inside. The removal of an 80ft JACKBOX wall, using common equipment, has been timed in less than 40 minutes, saving time and resources on the recovery and clean-up."

The EA will use JACKBOX as part of their critical infrastructure and vulnerable areas protection plans, adding to their arsenal of equipment to better protect homes and business around the UK.