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British Telecom


We've launched our latest 'Delivering our Purpose' report outlining progress and showing how the company uses the power of communications to make a better world.

envreport 16.4 bt webSustainable and responsible business behaviour is at the heart of this ambition. The report outlines how we're focused on delivering positive change across a number of local and global challenges, including climate change, social disadvantage and online safety.

The 'Delivering our Purpose' report shows progress towards our 2020 ambitions in key areas. The report also highlights how our work contributes to the UN Global Goals.

Niall Dunne, BT's Chief Sustainability Officer, said: "This report shows that we're on track to meet our 2020 goals, and that we're contributing to solving some of the bigger challenges we as a society will face over the coming years, from climate change to access to an inclusive approach to connectivity and growth."

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