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Sky has published the Bigger Picture Performance update 2015/16. It shows how they're making a positive contribution, acting responsibly and using their position as Europe's leading entertainment company to inspire others.

envreport 16.4 sky webThis year they've brought all their data and progress against targets together in one succinct, online update, and they've expanded their reporting to provide more information across the enlarged Sky group.

This year, because they've been embedding their responsible business approach across the group, Sky would like you to hear about the progress they're making in providing safe and sustainable products that are accessible for everyone; managing their environmental impacts; creating a workplace for the future; strengthening their work with suppliers and keeping their customers' data safe.

Sky point out this wouldn't be possible without their people and partners and are so grateful that so many are part of Sky's journey. They'd love to hear what you think, so get in touch if you have any questions and if you have any feedback.

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