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Wastewater technology and services experts Jacopa has celebrated an outstanding second year in business with a Company trip to the British Motor Museum.

jacopa 2nd yearJacopa was created in the spring of 2015 following a management buy-out. Now, two years on, the Company is firmly established as one of the largest players in the industry with a reputation for providing quality equipment and first-rate service at a competitive price.

The day started with a presentation in which Finance Director, Peter Sargent and Managing Director, Alex Lloyd thanked employees for the part they have played in Jacopa's success. Alex and Peter made an analogy between the motor industry and the wastewater sector where, just like Jacopa, the industry's success is based on its ability to constantly adapt to new customer preferences and needs, ever responding with innovation and new technology in manufacturing to maintain a competitive edge.

Alex said: "The car industry has a heritage of brands that customers and suppliers know and trust. The Jacopa name and our product brands deliver the same confidence to customers. And, just like the motor sector, there is a strong demand for our products and services, add to this our great customer service and we've got a winning formula.

"Thank you for being a part of team Jacopa, we look forward to another great year keeping Jacopa in pole position in the wastewater industry."

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