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Jet Environmental

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Industry Leaders - cooling systems with minimal carbon footprint

Jet Environmental is a specialist in the pharmaceutical sector with many successful implementations in large and niche operations. We estimate that over 50 per cent of medicines prescribed in the UK pass through a warehouse distribution centre temperature controlled by Jet Environmental.

jet environmental pic webWe offer a complete environmental solution to drug manufacturers and distributors. This comprises bespoke system design, quick installation considerate of ongoing operations if necessary and a solution that is self monitoring from a matrix of sensors. System monitoring and self adjustment is recorded for proof of environmental compliance with the added facility of remote connections to smart phone devices.

The advantage of a Jet Environmental system doesn’t stop there. We know mechanical cooling can be expensive to run, so our system incorporates free cooling techniques that minimise cooling plant operation for reduced  running costs and minimal carbon footprint.

CASE STUDY: Central Pharma – Bedford

Jet Environmental was approached by Central Pharma to provide an MHRA compliant temperature control system in two of Central Pharma's warehouse locations in Bedford.

Jet took it's usual approach of taking a clean sheet approach to deriving the best temperature control solution for the buildings. The design criteria takes in the compliance needs, warehouse layout, available services, minimal loss of storage space, lead-time and safety as these are round the clock operational warehouses. In addition Jet selected the best equipment to offer lowest lifetime cost while still being commercially competitive with initial capital investment.

Jet was selected on a matrix of criteria: Ability to provide even temperatures throughout the space within MHRA's specified band, low operation cost, no loss of storage space, lead-times, project planning and advice given through the process on other factors in the building influencing system efficiency. The project was completed in April 2017.

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