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  • Food waste reduced by processors changing testing Food
    Food waste reduced by processors changing testing

    Food waste reduction is key to saving money, improving food production efficiency, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, reducing packaging waste and protecting the environment. Dr Abdel Ezbiri from the technology company Cerulean discusses the waste that results from the temperature testing of fresh and chilled foods, and outline the success that some food processors have achieved in adopting non-destructive testing (NDT) technology.

  • Kingfisher's B&Q will cease selling metaldehyde in slug and snail controls Business
    Kingfisher's B&Q will cease selling metaldehyde in slug and snail controls

    Kingfisher, the home improvement company and owner of B&Q, will stop selling products that contain metaldehyde across its 1,200 stores and replace them with environmentally-friendly alternatives. The move follows three years of collaboration and product development with suppliers.

  • Raising awareness of sanitary disposal and fatbergs with social campaign Water
    Raising awareness of sanitary disposal and fatbergs with social campaign

    Best known for its work excavating the famous London Whitechapel fatberg, drainage firm Lanes Group plc has teamed up with a charity to help to raise funds and spread awareness of the correct way to dispose of sanitary products, an issue that's creating a huge problem in the nation's sewer system and waterways.

  • Adapting to climate change: what's next for the UK? Politics
    Adapting to climate change: what's next for the UK?

    Sarah Winne, Principal Consultant and Emma Green, Consultant in Ramboll's Environment & Health team predict the challenges facing the UK of adapting to climate chaos....

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ECEX Air Intake Screens

Soft drink maker gets energy and process efficiency benefits from air screens

ECEX Air Intake Screens are helping to save energy and improve operational efficiency at Lucozade Ribena Suntory's factory in Coleford, The Forest of Dean, by improving their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

LRS, a leading soft drinks manufacturer in the UK and Ireland, collaborated with ECEX to produce a solution specific to the requirements of a factory located in a forest environment. Pollen, leaves and dust can impact operations when deposited on filters as well as heating and cooling coils, significantly increasing energy consumption due to reduced airflow, decreased heat exchanger efficiency and reduced HVAC system capacity.

The cost of repairs can be high and air inflows require constant cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimum airflow and energy performance in line with LRS' rigorous quality standards.

air intake screensmainDuring their assessment of LRS's factory site, ECEX experts noted that, despite regular, labour intensive, maintenance and cleaning, the cooling tower air inlets were still suffering from a significant reduction in airflow and air handling systems were working unduly hard. Airflow reduction was resulting in wasted energy, additional strain being placed on factory systems and increased maintenance requirements.

ECEX's solution was to fit four Air Intake Screens to the supply air intakes, replacing existing banks of pre-filter media in-front of the intake louvres to reduce clogging from dust, and a further two Air Intake Screens installed on the cooling towers to prevent fans and pumps being affected by leaves, pollen and dust.

The results have been savings on filter changing costs and a dramatic reduction in energy consumption. Significant improvements for the cooling towers will be achieved by reduced maintenance time and the towers no longer needing to be stripped down to clean the internal components.

Gary Burford, Energy and Sustainability Manager at Lucozade Ribena Suntory, said: "We're fortunate to have a factory in the beautiful Forest of Dean, but the location does bring its own unique challenges. Lucozade Ribena Suntory has an ambition to work in harmony with people and nature, to create positive change. Our partnership with ECEX has supported this ambition and with their help we have been able to identify areas for operational improvement, supporting us in our drive toward becoming an even more efficient business."

John Grenville, Managing Director at ECEX, said: "ECEX Air Intake Screens are the ideal choice for this type of project, in this case preventing nature's debris from affecting operational efficiency of HVAC equipment. We are delighted to have worked with Lucozade Ribena Suntory to reduce energy consumption for the factory - our screens offer a simple but extremely effective solution, cutting maintenance times as well as contributing to carbon reduction; a win-win situation."