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Bosker does the Business at Walton-on-Thames WWT

Water industry solutions experts Jacopa have provided a robust and highly-effective Bosker trash rake system to protect the vital pumps abstracting water from the river Thames for Thames Water's Walton-on-Thames water treatment works.

The Bosker system is protecting the four massive centrifugal pumps that abstract water from the river and take it to the Knight & Bessborough - Queen Elizabeth II reservoir. These are each capable of delivering approximately 525 ml/d of water.

The original pump protection methods used at Thames' Walton works were labour-intensive, and involved a degree of manual handling. Equipment that could provide reliable, highly-automated protection was needed to better protect these key assets.

jacopa boskerThe Walton-on-Thames water treatment works, built in the 1920s, is one of Thames Water's flagship water treatment plants. The site pioneered Thames Water's own high-tech CoCoDAFF (counter-current dissolved air flotation and filtration) water treatment system, and is one of five advanced water treatment works that supplies the Thames Water Ring Main.

Water is pumped to the works from the River Thames and stored in one of three raw water reservoirs, of which the 20,000 million litre, 1.28km2 Queen Elizabeth II reservoir is the biggest. The Thames, like most large rivers passing through major urban areas, contains many different types of floating detritus. As a result, the pumps that abstract water from the river and take it to the reservoirs require robust and effective protection to ensure they continuously contribute to the significant quantities of water that London requires.

The project meant removing the existing platform and coarse screen in the main inlet channel, which feeds the huge pumps that supply the reservoir, and replacing them with a Bosker system, a maintenance platform, and a new bar screen.

The new installation adds to the 12 existing, successful Bosker installations that are currently protecting pumping stations and wastewater treatment works within Thames Water.

Jacopa Key Account Manager Mick Burton said: "We are delighted to have been able to provide this further Bosker solution for the Walton treatment works. The Bosker will ensure that these vital pumps are fully protected from the debris found in the Thames.

"The Bosker is a robust and reliable tool, simple to use and install, that protects expensive pumps and fine screens from damage. The technology is also backed by support from our dedicated team of experts and a fast, efficient maintenance and spare parts service."