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  • Comment: Southern Water's pollution show's self monitoring doesn't work Pollution
    Comment: Southern Water's pollution show's self monitoring doesn't work

    A charity, Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC), who campaign to reverse the effects of industrialisation on the UK's rivers has commented on Ofwat imposing the biggest fine ever on a water company for "significant breaches of its licence conditions and its statutory duties." They write....

  • Waste plastic set to become hydrogen at Ellesmere Port Business
    Waste plastic set to become hydrogen at Ellesmere Port

    Peel Environmental is working in partnership with Waste2Tricity to deliver a 'UK first' plastics to hydrogen project at its 54-acre Protos site near Ellesmere Port in Cheshire.

  • Reaction to law that UK will end net contribution to climate change by 2050 Politics
    Reaction to law that UK will end net contribution to climate change by 2050

    Following Prime Minster Theresa May's announcement in the House of Commons yesterday that amendments to the UK's Climate Change Act will set the country on a course to eradicate its net contribution to climate change by 2050, the move has been broadly welcomed by a range of interest groups - many pleased at the scale of its ambition to set the UK on a path to become the world's first major economy to set net zero emissions target in law, but others disappointed that the law will be reviewed every five years. Here's the range of comment received that Environment Times has received ......

  • Welsh rail renewal project was 97% diesel-free saving 15 tonnes of carbon Transport
    Welsh rail renewal project was 97% diesel-free saving 15 tonnes of carbon

    Innovative deployment of solar lighting and power generation has resulted in a major rail renewal project at Llanwern, South Wales achieving 97% diesel-free operation. And the project's leaders, Network Rail and Colas Rail Ltd, feel it has proved the viability of a sustainable 'Site of the Future'.

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Bollfilter UK

BOLLFILTER UK present our new Fully Automatic Filter aquaBoll®

After 10 years of carefully consulting with Water Treatment and Sewage Plant operators, followed by 5 years of intensive product development, rigorous testing, patenting and finally global certification by 40 classification societies, BOLLFILTER UK proudly present the aquaBoll®.

The best fully automatic filter ever designed by BOLL & KIRCH.

As a world leader in fully automatic filtration technology BOLL & KIRCH strives to find innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of filtration. The aquaBoll® is capable of significantly increasing the overall efficiency of your Water Treatment or Sewage plant by its functionality and adaptability.

web bollfilterThe aquaBoll® is based on a completely new design for the water industry that uses a Multi-segmented casing. This allows multiple configurations and reduces installation space. The filtration elements are all integral components, specifically designed for automatic filters in water treatment works or sewage plants.

The aquaBoll® was fully certified for sale by 40 classification bodies from 1st December 2017. The range will gradually replace the BOLLFILTER Type 6.18 / 6.19 series automatic filters, widely used in the UK & Ireland’s water industries.

High performance is our standard with a new failsafe design

The individuality and performance of the aquaBoll® filter is based on a new design, the Multi-part housing. This design is widely adaptable and can fit in tighter spaces.

Filter elements, variable connection-flange positions as well as different housing materials are essential components for optimal adaptation of the automatic filter for your specific filtration requirements.

• Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Plant Filtration Configurations
• Multi-part Housing Construction
• Various Housing Materials
• Interior and Exterior Coatings, Standard or Custom
• Flexible Orientation of Connection Flanges
• High Flow Rates in Minimum Installation Space

The aquaBoll® automatic filter is especially capable of handling demanding situations and the toughest conditions found in Water Treatment Plants and Sewage Plants. Filtration processes are easily carried out thanks to the special properties and functions offered by aquaBoll®.

The standardised multiple platform concept ensures lower acquisition costs and high flexibility. The enhanced design allows easy access to all relevant components. Thus, commissioning and maintenance expenses are reduced considerably. Service speeds are significantly improved due to easy access and increased availability of standardised components.

web bollfiletr logosThe combination of innovative design, high-quality components and a long service life, allows aquaBoll® the ability to exceed the requirements of Water Treatment and Sewage Plant operators with unprecedented efficiency.

Contact Robert Eden on: 01206 589627 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details about the all new aquaBoll®. Download the brochure Watch the video here: