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The Concrete Centre

The concrete industry is the only UK structural construction material to provide sustainability performance data, as part of a wider sustainability strategy.

concrete centre10thPerfReport 20182018 represents 10 years of the strategy, and this 32-page review "10 Years 10 Insights" includes the latest data and features viewpoints, case studies and interviews that demonstrate how concrete and the concrete industry play a key role in delivering a sustainable built environment.

10 Insights:
#1: CARBON- The embodied carbon of concrete has reduced by 28% since 1990.
#2: RESOURCE EFFICIENCY- The concrete industry is a net consumer of waste.
#3: RESPONSIBLE SOURCING- More than 90% of BES 6001 certified concrete is rated Very Good or Excellent.
#4: WATER- The concrete industry has cut mains water consumption by almost 10%.
#5: NATURAL ENVIRONMENT- More than 99% of relevant sites have a biodiversity action plan.
#6: RESILIENCE- Concrete offers resilience in an uncertain future.
#7: ECONOMY- Concrete is essential to UK prosperity.
#8: WELLBEING- Concrete structures and finishes can improve quality of life.
#9: STANDARDS AND BENCHMARKING- Concrete goes above and beyond compliance.
#10: PERFORMANCE METRICS- Ten years of detailed sustainability data has laid a foundation for the future.

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