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david attenborough websmall"The question is a moral one, what right do you have to destroy the world?" asks World Land Trust's patron, Sir David Attenborough, as he discusses this in a captivating new video, shown below:

Knostrop STF - Overview 1Yorkshire Water have been treating sewage from Leeds at their Knostrop treatment works for 100 years, but are changing from sewage sludge incineration, using masses of carbon-unfriendly fuel oil, to a £72 million anaerobic digester which will be able to recycle 94% of Leeds' sewage sludge and generate 55% of the power needed to run the site on a daily basis!

Leeds Central MP, Hilary Benn and Leeds North MP, Alex Sobel were at the official opening alongside members of Leeds Council. Hilary Benn said: “The opening of the new anaerobic digestion plant at Knostrop treatment works is a really important investment in our future. By recycling 94% of the sewage sludge in Leeds to create enough electricity to power over half of the treatment works’ energy needs, this scheme is helping to create a lower carbon future in the Lower Aire Valley.”

Yorkshire Water Director of Waste Water Delivery, Ben Roche explains the new facility in the video below:

chalk stream salad washingDisharges from a salad washing factory whose products end up nationwide in supermarkets may present a serious threat to aquatic invertebrate life on a highly protected English chalkstream.

The issue was featured recently on the BBC's Countryfile programme after the Environment Agency’s investigation was prompted by the results of Salmon and Trout Conservation (S&TC’s) invertebrate sampling at a site immediately downstream of the factory's outflows. 

The threat from these activities was highlighted by Joe Crowley on the BBC’s Countryfile Chalkstream Special, its is 14 minutes into the programme
, and can be viewed until mid July on BBC's iPlayer by clicking the link below.

An investigation by Greenpeace's Unearthed team has revealed that two-thirds of UK fishing quota is controlled by just 25 businesses – and it was expected to stay that way after Brexit.

But there are now calls by some politicians to change this unfairness and give more rights to smaller vessels who are usually more environmentally friendly, instead of to the tiny minority of wealthy families who control huge swathes of fishing rights.

An alliance of global companies has launched a new initiative to work on solutions to reduce mismanaged plastic waste in the environment, especially in the ocean.

CEOs have launched the Alliance to End Plastic Waste from across the global plastic value chain, including chemical and plastic manufacturers, consumer goods companies, retailers converters, waste management companies and partner organisations.

Commercial-scale algae cultivation company, Firglas has secured a £1.5 million investment from environmental fund manager Earthworm, who are providing 50% of the company's goal to raise £3 million of equity under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), to build two facilities and start commercial-scale production.

Saturday was a big day for the small harbour of Cley-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk. Once a thriving sea-port, in the past Cley saw cargoes of grain, malt, cloth and spices, be both exported to and imported from, Europe. But on Saturday 27th October a crowd of over a hundred stood in the shadow of the historic Cley Windmill to welcome in “Salford", a traditional 30ft wooden boat built in nearby King’s Lynn.

cley norfolk restart boat cargo copyThe first commercial vessel to enter the harbour in over 60 years, this beautiful 30ft former Welker carried a consignment of locally produced beer, sailed over from Wells, and delivered into the eager arms of staff from the Mill.

Centuries of siltation and land reclamation left this beautiful North Norfolk port, for a time one of the busiest ports in the UK, almost completely un-navigable. But over four years of tireless fundraising and dredging by the Parish Council and local community has seen the once almost completely clogged channel, opened up, and ready for business.

A warm welcome was also extended to Nicholas Coppack, chairman of North Norfolk District Council, who presented Cley Harbour with the NNDC Environment Award for 2018.

Simon Read, Chairman of Cley Harbour committee said “This significant event saw the culmination of a lot of hard work by the community of Cley, who have spent more than four years working on their Harbour to save it from dereliction. For the first time in 60 years it was possible for a thirty foot commercial, sailing vessel to again reach Cley Harbour. Cley as a port has been up and running again for the last three years after an initial dredge to clear the harbour of mud, since then it has again become a focus for the village with smaller boats coming and going on the high tides. The arrival of Salford timed with the presentation of NNDC’s Environment award for the Harbour has set a bench mark for its continued use. A community project that has involved the whole village and now benefits wildlife too with otters, kingfishers and herons and seals regularly seen".

Henry Chamberlain on the Coastal Exploration Company said “We at the Coastal Exploration Company are committed to deliver goods sustainably along the East Anglian Coast. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this truly historic event, and cannot wait for our next cargo run from Wells to the Bank House in Kings Lynn on the 6th of November.”

South Liverpool rapper MC Nelson has thrown his support behind the Save Calderstones Park campaign with his new music video 'Calderstones'. The song calls for Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson and Redrow PLC to drop plans to build luxury homes in what campaigners claim is a part of the historic park, as well as offering an insight into the rapper's personal relationship with the park.

This video shows the Environment Agency crushing a vehicle linked to waste crime in London and the home counties.

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