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RWM, the UK's Largest Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition, is now a week away on the 12th and 13th of September at the NEC Birmingham.

Secure your free tickets now: http://bit.ly/RWMTicket

See a short video of what they have in store for this year.

A new series of practical videos to help farmers understand and improve soil health has been launched. These showcase easy-to-set-up soil demonstrations, some of which can be carried out by farmers and land managers in their own kitchens.

The Hydrogen Council say their vision for taking hydrogen to the next level is shown in their study Hydrogen, Scaling up which outlines a comprehensive and quantified roadmap to scale deployment and boost its impact on the energy transition.

Developed with support from McKinsey, the Hydrogen Council claim this 'ambitious yet realistic approach' would deliver deep decarbonisation of transport, industry, and buildings, and enable a renewable energy production and distribution system. But to realise this vision, investors, industry, and government will need to ramp up and coordinate their efforts.

liverpoolLiverpool City Council has signed a partnership with the Poseidon Foundation, where it will use Poseidon's blockchain-powered platform to rebalance more than 110% of its carbon emissions.

The council will also work to be the first climate positive local authority by the end of 2018. Poseidon has a role in Liverpool's new climate policy, working with local business, schools and universities to help Liverpool City Council achieve its commitment to cut its overall carbon emissions by 40% by 2030.

Poseidon uses blockchain technology to integrates carbon markets into transactions at the point-of-sale, giving consumers the chance to rebalance the climate impact of their shopping lifestyle choices by supporting forestry conservation projects around the world when they buy everyday items.

Liverpool bids to be first ‘Climate Positive’ City by end of 2020 from The Guide Liverpool on Vimeo.

video silage EA officerThe Environment Agency and Reaseheath College have produced a video aimed at farmers helping them to prevent pollution of watercourses in relation to their management of silage.

Environment Officer Andy Jobson, whose patch includes Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire, stars in the video, and shares his advice on how farmers should manage their silage clamps and timings of cropping to avoid pollution, and comply with the law.

edie live 2018 free tickets buttonThe brand new campaign from edie Live 2018 aims to inspire and empower businesses to ramp up efforts across all areas of sustainable development.  'Mission Possible' is focused on five key areas of sustainability; Energy; Resources; The Built Environment; Mobility; and Business Leadership.

On 22-23 May 2018 at the NEC Birmingham, the event will be tailor-made to fit the needs of sustainability, energy and resource professionals. The organisers say they will be inspired by sustainability superstars, coached by industry experts, encouraged by peers, and shown the way by hundreds of innovative suppliers.

For a free ticket, just click on the edieLive 'free tickets' image above to go to the website. Take a look at the 'Mission Possible' video below.

The ocean of the future should be filled with fish not plastic, an Ogilvy and Greenpeace campaign tells supermarkets.

greenpeace ocean of the futureTheir campaign video opens on a school-trip. An excited group of children are queuing at Dingle aquarium in the Republic of Ireland to see an 'Ocean of the Future' exhibition. The children excitedly shout out what they are most looking forward to seeing - penguins, octopus, catfish - and eyes-wide they eagerly rush into the aquarium to marvel at the abundance of ocean life.

But as the children look into the water they realise that they aren't seeing colourful fish and marine wildlife, the dark aquarium is actually full of single-use plastic items like bags, cutlery and six-pack drinks can rings. The plastic floats and glides through the water like we expected the fish to do.

The children are dismayed as they realise that there aren't any fish in the water at all. The ocean of the future they see is clogged up with plastic rubbish. Information signs in the aquarium provide details of the plastic drinks bottle and six-pack ring, to portray a lifeless ocean filled with plastics rather than marine life.

The video features ocean plastic pollution that was collected during a beach clean of the local beach at Dingle, near to the aquarium.

#endoceanplastics  #oceanofthefuture

An Oxford college has chosen a Garbage Guzzler onsite aerobic food waste digester which is capable of reducing food waste by up to 90%.

Mansfield College produces more than 500 meals a day for its staff, students and visitors.

Each week the College was producing two wheelie bins full of food waste and this was identified as an area that could be improved upon, under their green initiative.

Using bacteria to help speed up the digestion process, the Garbage Guzzler from company PKL has been efficient and has rarely needed to be emptied in three months. When they do empty it, the college are using the remains of their food as nitrate-rich soil improver around their grounds.

Lee Browning, Kitchen Manager at Mansfield College, said: “The digestate looks a bit like old coffee grounds. The bacteria have just reduced the food so quickly. What has been brilliant is that we have less vermin around the bin store and fewer flies, as they don’t seem to like the Garbage Guzzler."

volvo contamination remediationThis video explains the ongoing remediation of historic contamination at Volvo Car Gent in Belgium, a car manufacturer located in the port district of Ghent in the west of Belgium. Around 5,000 people work at this facility producing more than 250,000 cars per year.

The plant opened in 1965 and was the first European Volvo plant outside Sweden. Manufacturing activity at this plant includes welding, painting and final assembly; all processes which typically involve the use of lubricating oils and cleaning solvents.

The handling and storage of these chemicals has led to the occasional spill or leakage in the past. This has resulted in soils and groundwater below the plant becoming contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Chlorinated Solvents.

Site investigation by Artemis Milieu has revealed 2 plumes relating to these historic spillages. The groundwater contaminant concentrations are low but persistent. Due to the direction of the groundwater flow, the contamination is at risk of migrating across the plant's site boundary. REGENESIS has been asked to provide a solution to treat the plumes and prevent off-site migration.

Brother and sister Daniel and Lara Krohn's unique method of reusing raindrops to keep windscreens clean has won first prize in a local science competition and has now been developed for a full-sized Ford test car.

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