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Wednesday, 11 October 2017 11:57

Imports to Cornwall of Portugese port, wines and olive oil using only wind

An import by sail has saved over 1kg of carbon per bottle as Raymond Reynolds Ltd has shipped wines and olive oil from Portugal to England powered by wind, the vessel being managed and chartered by Brittany-based Trans Oceanic Wind Transport.

sailship wine import boatAn original 1900 built Norwegian 25 metre wooden ketch loaded a combined 20 tonnes of Porto and D.O.C Douro wines and olive oil in Porto, Portugal. After a short stop over in Brittany , Lun II sailed across the Channel with 4800 bottles of this cargo and unloaded in Looe, Cornwall, bound for importer Raymond Reynolds for UK-wide distribution from October. Environment friendly Trans Oceanic Wind Transport (TOWT) chartered the sailship, Lun II.

Raymond Reynolds Ltd, Niepoort Vinhos SA and TOWT have collaborated to set up the first, regular By Sail trading route from Portugal to the UK - a romantic recreation of the sail trading routes of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, and the only way Port & Douro Wine reached the shores and the busy taverns of Britain.

Raymon Reynolds Ltd believe this first attempt will help establish this Carbon Neutral mode of transport as a viable alternative for the future. The sail imported bottles are identified by a ‘Shipped by Sail Power’ label.