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Monday, 14 May 2018 10:32

Come visit the 'Ocean of the Future' aquarium!

The ocean of the future should be filled with fish not plastic, an Ogilvy and Greenpeace campaign tells supermarkets.

greenpeace ocean of the futureTheir campaign video opens on a school-trip. An excited group of children are queuing at Dingle aquarium in the Republic of Ireland to see an 'Ocean of the Future' exhibition. The children excitedly shout out what they are most looking forward to seeing - penguins, octopus, catfish - and eyes-wide they eagerly rush into the aquarium to marvel at the abundance of ocean life.

But as the children look into the water they realise that they aren't seeing colourful fish and marine wildlife, the dark aquarium is actually full of single-use plastic items like bags, cutlery and six-pack drinks can rings. The plastic floats and glides through the water like we expected the fish to do.

The children are dismayed as they realise that there aren't any fish in the water at all. The ocean of the future they see is clogged up with plastic rubbish. Information signs in the aquarium provide details of the plastic drinks bottle and six-pack ring, to portray a lifeless ocean filled with plastics rather than marine life.

The video features ocean plastic pollution that was collected during a beach clean of the local beach at Dingle, near to the aquarium.

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