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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 15:41

Saving Tor Bay's seagrass - an unsung hero of carbon capture and ecology

To mark Valeport's 50th anniversary as a UK manufacturer of hydrometric and oceanographic instruments, the Devon based company is supporting a campaign to protect the vital 'underwater rainforest' of seagrass which is under threat off Tor Bay, at England's south west coast.

The #SaveOurSeagrass research project aims to secure its future for the next two years as well as providing instruments and expertise to the programme.

Valeport has partnered with a UK coastal zoo and aquarium to help protect seagrass, a remarkable plant that flowers underwater and forms dense meadows in shallow coastal areas. These meadows capture carbon at a greater rate than tropical forests, making them important in combating climate change. And like coral reefs and rainforests, these underwater gardens are full of life, but are under threat – with global estimates suggesting the planet loses an area of seagrass the same size as two football pitches every hour.