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Tuesday, 21 July 2020 14:21

Student 'Design by Nature' entries tackle fast fashion, wastewater and air quality

hubbub Lava Hero 1 copyEnvironmental charity Hubbub has commended seven entries from up and coming designers to their Design By Nature competition. The initiative called on university students across the UK to design innovative solutions to the tough environmental challenges of fast fashion, water waste and air pollution by asking - how can design change the world?

The commended entries include a creative way to recycle water and a new product to protect outdoor workers from air pollution. The standout entry is a new sewing machine for Gen Z, to help tackle the culture of throwaway fashion. The stylish and foldable 'Sew Conscious' machine is the brainchild of Samantha Supan of Brunel University. Samantha is now in discussions with Hubbub on seed funding to take the idea forward. 

Over the years Hubbub has seen how impactful great design can be in nudging behaviours. Their playful, colourful recycling bins have almost tripled recycling rates in Leeds and are now having similar results in other cities. The boats they make from 99% recycled plastic not only tell a brilliant story of the circular economy but more importantly, they are durable, highly practical and look great. The 'Ballot Bin' cigarette voting ashtray, reduces cigarette littering by up to 46% and, prevents plastics and chemicals from entering our waterways.