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Friday, 24 July 2020 10:54

Animation music project aims to wake up post-Covid-19 world by 'revolution in groove'!

faron sage wake up the world songsmallFaron Sage is a socially-conscious animation musician who produces original new music that attempts to grapple, by a 'revolution in groove', with the major questions at the heart of 21st century life.

Faron says: "Covid-19 has given us all a shock and, as elements of our old lives tentatively start to return, I would implore everybody not to simply lapse back into their old lives. We need to learn lessons from this and that means thinking about what we really want from life and then actually doing something about it - all together."

Have a look and listen to his 'Wake up the World' animated song below or visit his project's website https://faronsage.frb.io