Thursday, 21 March 2019 12:01

Environment Times' Pollinator and Waterlife Project

The Environment Times' Pollinator Project was featured at the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the Lancashire Environmental Fund in a special video, being shown as one of the highlighted projects supported by the fund.

filming pollinator project web small

Duncan and Susanne from Environment Times initially bought and established the 2 acre Pollinator Project themselves in 2015 next to their office to mark 21 years of the publication and later secured additional project grant from the Wildlife Trust's Lancashire Environment Fund and support from The CK Group, AkzoNobel, Asda, Marks & Spencer and Kingfisher. Since then it has developed away from the ecological desert of modern intensive arable land into a successful wildflower meadow insect haven, a heritage orchard and outdoor nature teaching/storytelling area.

The project has also expanded as the Adlington Pollinator and Waterlife Project (see to take in the River Douglas which flows just one field away, and Duncan Ashcroft, the editor, joined the Douglas Catchment Partnership (@DouglasPilot) in 2021 to involve himself and the project in citizen science, often joining in with the dedicated river monitoring from The Douglas Rivers Association (@River_Douglas_) and #lovemyriver at Groundwork in Wigan.

Take a look at the LEF's video of our project below.