Duncan's Doodles

Last week I entered a bit more of the modern world and started documenting on Instagram the Adlington Pollinator and Waterlife Project, beginning with a tribute to my late father Wally Ashcroft helping me plant a hedgerow a few days after his 82nd birthday, and looking at the hedge five years later as hazel catkins waft in the chill breeze displaying the promise of spring. 

smithy brook dead gammarus kick sample jan 2022I witnessed ecocide on a Wigan brook last week and now won't be eating prawn cocktail for quite some time!

Read this article by Jake Oseland from the 'Love My River' project at Groundwork who was there too with members of the Douglas Rivers Association. It's an everday tale of the secret ecocide's that happen far too regularly in this country and might go unnoticed if it wasn't for kick sampling and citizens science. Read here on textlink: https://lovemyriver.blogspot.com/2022/02/27012022-kick-sampling-at-smithy-brook.html

A press statement has just come in calling for time to truly turn off the 'plastic tap' because any amount of recycling is merely a placebo that continues the overdue existence of this planet-toxic material, and I can tell you that after a walk yesterday, by the River Douglas at Gathurst just outside of Wigan, I have to come onboard with this sentiment.