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Ashtead Technology partners with Gas Data to expand analyser fleet

Responding to a growing demand for portable, ATEX-certified environmental monitoring equipment, Ashtead Technology has announced a new partnership with Gas Data. The deal will significantly expand the range of applications for which Ashtead is able to offer gas monitors for either purchase or rental.

The new Gas Data portable gas analysers include the GFM 400 series analysers, the Gazoscan and the Inspectra. Combined, these instruments will provide Ashtead's customers with a complete choice of technologies for the measurement of methane and other gases in applications such as landfill, biogas, contaminated land, petrochem, gas leaks, gas utilities and wastewater.

ashtead GasData instrumentAll of these instruments are able to measure methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas, (around 30 times stronger than CO2), and the subject of urgent global initiatives to lower emissions. Methane is the main component of natural gas and biogas, so it is essential for leaks to be identified and prevented. The Gazoscan employs a laser to identify leaks and sources over long distances, and the Inspectra fulfils a similar function but with a sampling rod and/or wheel for surveying and pinpointing gas leaks.

The GFM 400 series are able to measure a wider range of gases and enable users to choose the instrument that best suits their application. For example, the GFM 406 has an option for hydrogen measurement, which is increasingly being introduced into natural gas supplies. Other options include LEL, O2, CO and H2S; the latter being useful in odour investigations at petrochemical and wastewater plants.

With a fixed configuration measuring and logging CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and CO, the GFM 426 is ideal for landfill applications. The GFM 436 offers similar capability with the additional capacity to analyse VOCs; offering the versatility of use in both landfill and contaminated land applications.

Josh Thomas, Senior Sales Manager at Ashtead Technology, says: "We're excited to be kicking off the new year with a new distributor agreement. The portable, ATEX certified Gas Data instruments perfectly complement and expand our range of gas and emissions monitors for applications such as site investigation, risk assessments, landfill gas control, environmental compliance monitoring, and more."

Graham Sanders, Sales Director at Gas Data, says: "We are delighted to be partnering with Ashtead Technology. By combining the knowledge and expertise of our companies we will enable customers worldwide to optimise their operations by accessing market-leading products and solutions for monitoring pollutants and greenhouse gases."

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