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Pielkenrood Technology to play a key role in Envorem’s Greentech System tackling oily sludge

Pielkenrood is one of the world's leading experts in the field of oil / water separation and water treatment and Envorem has chosen to include Pielkenrood technology in its trailblazing sludge and soil remediation system.

The oil production and maritime industries discard around 1% of oil as waste generating circa 120 million tonnes of oily sludge every year. Currently, with no environmental way to treat these, they are either incinerated or dumped with massive environmental impact on our oceans, land and air.

envorem  Pielkenrood 1 520pxEnvorem Limited is a small UK company that has developed an innovative, compact greentech system to treat oily sludge and recover the oil for recycling, by exploiting an obscure property of water. Unlike current treatment processes, it does not generate any emissions or use chemicals or solvents and crucially, is less expensive. In most cases, costs would be less than incineration and further offset by the value of oil recovered. Environmental benefits delivered for less cost; a true win-win.

In November 2022, Envorem's Managing Director, Mark Batt-Rawden announced that the company would build the world's largest greentech system for treating huge volumes of sludge. The news of this world first was greeted with applause at an international gathering in Saudi Arabia where Mark was a keynote speaker. Now the project is under way in the UK at Stoke on Trent. This project represents the first complete system to be built and will include multiple enhancements. Many of these have been developed in collaboration with the University of Brighton who, through Doctor Anastasios Georgoulas, are one of the world leaders in the analysis and modelling of multiphase-flows with phase-change, heat and mass transfer including cavitation.

Pielkenrood Was The Answer

Within their process, Envorem uses advanced oil / water separation technology. Ben Monkton, Envorem's Chief Engineer said, "To tackle sludge at source and avoid the cost, risk and emissions from sludge transportation, our systems need to be mobile. As part of our process, we needed the most compact and efficient oil / water separation technology. Pielkenrood was the answer"

envorem  Pielkenrood 2 520pxPielkenrood is one of the world's leading experts in the field of oil / water separation and water treatment. With experience of more than 50 years and extensive deployments in the oil and gas sector, they complement Envorem's revolutionary new greentech system.

Envorem and Pielkenrood are now working together to integrate Pielkenrood's technology into the Envorem system.

Pielkenrood's Managing Director Sander Pielkenrood said: "We have many customers that ask us if there is a viable solution for treating oily sludge. We are delighted to play a part in producing a system that will not only treat this material but uses an environmentally friendly process too."

Envorem A Voice Addressing A Vast Problem

Envorem's vision is to persuade the oil production and maritime industries to change practice, halting the pollution caused by sludge disposal. To date Envorem has received over £2 million in private funding and £2.4 million from the UK Government in the form of grants and loans to develop the technology. It is further supported by the Nat-West Climate Accelerator Programme, Clean Growth UK and several UK universities.

Although only a small voice trying to address a vast global problem, after successfully completing a field trial for PDO, the national oil company of Oman, Envorem has already attracted the attention of key oil giants.