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A dredging boat moored near Scunthorpe and attacked by vandals who smashed lights and temperature gauges, is now being protected by a GSM based intrusion detection system using an OPTEX outdoor sensor and linked to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

optex eyewatch1Ebsford Environmental was working to remove silt along the Bottesford Beck tributary that feeds into the River Trent for four weeks as a flood prevention measure. While the dredging boat was moored overnight, the vessel was vandalised, and although it did not stop the team from finishing the job, it was both time consuming and costly to repair.

Dean Bolton, Managing Director at Eyewatch Security, was approached by Ebsford Environmental and recommended a VX402 GSM system that comprises an OPTEX outdoor PIR incorporating a GSM transmission module developed by TAD Electronics, monitored remotely at Eyewatch's ARC.

Nick Oxley, Site Foreman for Ebsford Environmental says that the OPTEX solution gave him peace of mind: "Although the damage was fairly minor, it was still a huge inconvenience to take the boat out of action to be repaired," he says. "And who knows, the damage could be worse next time.

"After the detector was installed we did not have any further issues, there was no more damage and we also did not have any false alarms."

Dean Bolton, Managing Director at Eyewatch Security says large parts of Scunthorpe are now protected by OPTEX detectors: "We specify OPTEX detectors on most sites we work on due to their reliability and solid design. As in this situation, the detector worked as an excellent deterrent and no further damage was done to the dredging boat."

Ricky Miwa, Managing Director of OPTEX Europe said: "The combination of the VX402 sensor with the GSM transmission technology provided by TAD Electronics provides a great solution to monitor intrusion detection in remote or isolated sites. This outdoor sensor features small animal immunity which drastically reduces unwanted alarms triggered by wildlife, which is an important feature when protecting a boat moored on a river bank."

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