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Environment Times is raising money for the homeless this winter by creating a 'virtual ecohouse'. Windhager is one of the donors. They write: Domestic biomass boiler installations are accelerating fast. Over 500 of Windhager's new BioWIN 2 biomass boilers have been installed in domestic properties in the UK since they were launched last year.

v ecohouse windhager2 copyIn a recent example of the success of the BioWIN 2 being installed within a domestic property, homeowner David Taylor who lives is rural Northamptonshire achieved a 40% saving in fuel costs by switching from oil to wood pellets, a figure which is not uncommon when switching from any fuel source, whether electricity, LPG or oil.

Also, on top of this £1000 p.a. fuel saving, homeowners like David typically receive government domestic RHI payments. On this basis, payback of the installed cost of biomass heating can be in as little as three or four years with the further RHI payments coming in as a bonus.

Many of Windhager's trained installers have been actively installing the new BioWIN 2 boilers around the country and these include Rob Lane from Hewers Facilities Management, Paul Wilkins from Heat Norfolk, Lachlan McInnes of McInnes Plumbing & Heating (Scotland), and Mark Galbraith Plumbing & Renewables Ltd.

Providing comfortable heating to all homes, the BioWIN 2 is the smallest, most efficient and durable range of biomass pellet boilers in its class. Taking less than 1.5m2 of space this appliance can be installed into an alcove as only minimal clearances (3mm) are required and all cleaning and servicing is achieved from the front.

Available in either manual or auto-feed options the BioWIN 2 is available in five models with outputs in the range of 3 to 26kW. Built to high engineering standards, the core of the BioWIN 2 is a quality stainless steel burner with LowDust technology and a special self-cleaning function ensuring a cleaner environment and a cleaner burn. The new boiler generates very little ash, collected in a removable ash box which only needs emptying about once a year.


v ecohouse Windhager1Best Western's Derwent Manor hotel, set in 20 acres of rural Northumberland overlooking Derwent Valley, has increased its green credentials with the installation of a Windhager biomass system.

The 3 star spa and leisure hotel boasts 48 spacious double bedrooms, six bars, six meeting rooms, a large restaurant and full spa and leisure facilities.The hotel has recently upgraded their existing old oil and electricity fueled heating systems to a fully integrated Windhager biomass system.

This state-of-the-art sustainable heating system uses wood pellets to provide heating and hot water to the hotel, its cottages and all their leisure facilities. The total installation commissioned by GreenGuru NE is made up of two separate 180kW systems, each comprising of three Windhager BioWIN Excel 60kW wood pellet boilers in a 'cascade' format.

Having the boilers installed in this format has helped to ensure increased efficiency of the whole heating system enabling the hotel to make considerable fuel savings and provides an automatic failsafe in case a boiler has to be shutdown. With the costs of wood pellets being approximately 30% cheaper than oil and less than half the price of electricity, this provided the hotel with considerable fuel savings along with being applicable for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

"The upgrade to a Windhager biomass system has been a great choice for us. Our old oil and electric boilers were costing us over £29,000 each year, so when GreenGuru provided us with the figures to move to biomass we didn't think twice. The overall cost savings are fantastic especially with the great benefits from the RHI scheme", commented Keith Donkin, General Manager, Derwent Manor Hotel.


v ecohouse windhager3warranty copyNew customers of Windhager can now benefit from an extended warranty on their biomass boiler systems. The company has introduced a new seven year warranty for all installations completed from 1st April 2015.

To receive the seven year warranty, customers must register their boilers using Windhager's new online registration service. This can be found under the website's new customer support section where additional product and maintenance information is also available. The boilers must also have been commissioned by Windhager or a Windhager trained engineer following the installation to receive the seven year warranty.

Oliver Duckworth, Managing Director of Windhager UK commented, "Biomass heating systems have been growing in popularity for many years and purchases of our boilers have accelerated to match. We felt that it was important to increase the warranty based on our experience of the reliability of our boilers."