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Labcell is introducing the Decagon Devices DS-2 sonic anemometer, a low-cost, rugged, high-accuracy sensor that consumes barely any power and never needs recalibrating.

labcell anemometerDesigned for environmental, agricultural and forestry research, the DS-2 monitors wind speed, gusts and direction, outputting data to a Decagon Devices Em50 series logger or almost any other SDI-12 compatible logger.

The DS-2 is excellent for remote monitoring applications because it consumes little power, never needs recalibrating, and only requires minimal maintenance – just a wipe with a damp cloth every couple of months. And there are no moving parts or components that would be vulnerable in the event of high-speed gusts.

The DS-2 remains accurate - even at low wind speeds - with a specification of 0.30m/s or <3% of reading, whichever is greater, over a range of 0-30m/s.

Despite its high specification, the DS-2 compares favourably with other sonic anemometers currently on the market. It is also very economical to use thanks to a low power consumption allowing operation for six months or more on the five AA batteries in the Em50 series data loggers.

Labcell is the sole UK distributor for the Decagon Devices DS-2 sonic anemometer. Contact Labcell for more information or by telephoning 01420 568150, emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to