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Biogenie is pleased to announce the opening of their latest Soil treatment Facility in partnership with Biffa Waste Services.

biogenie webwestmilllThis new facility is located at Biffa's Westmill landfill site near Ware in Hertfordshire and is ideally located for projects across London, to the north of the M25 and across the South East region.

Biogenie, a subsidiary of  the EnGlobe Corp., and leading off site hazardous soil treatment and disposal specialist, is licenced to treat 60,000 tonnes of material annually at the site, and like its neighbouring facility at Redhill, can accept a broad range of materials and contaminants.

Biogenie's treatment process means that soils and materials that would usually attract the standard rate of landfill tax, are treated and beneficially reused thereby providing a tax free, but fully compliant off site disposal option for brownfield developments. The Westmill STF brings Biogenie's total in the UK to 4 fully operational Soil treatment Facilities, with more planned for the very near future.

Biogenie's Managing Director, Dr Joe Teer said: "We are very excited about the flexibility the new Westmill STF gives our clients. Strategically straddling the London area, along with the Redhill STF to the south of London, the new Westmill facility in Hertfordshire is permitted to accept a broad range of hazardous and non hazardous soils and wastes for treatment."