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The Tinytag Energy Logger is a portable, easy to use device for monitoring single and three phase power usage. It is ideal for monitoring energy consumption in line with ESOS, ISO 50001, and other energy management requirements.

Gemini Energy Logger kitThe Energy Logger can be used to monitor individual equipment, to help build consumption profiles, monitor electrical distribution and provide sub-metering information.

Recorded data is analysed to help understand how and where energy is used and to identify opportunities for reduction. It is often easier to look at logger readings than attempt to decipher electricity bills (which are often estimated) or meter readings!

The logger can be used for spot checks or left in place for longer term recording. It uses non-invasive flexible coils to monitor the current in each phase of a three phase supply, while voltage information may be obtained via a standard 13A wall socket. The unit also records 'Power Factor' (PF) data: this can be significant because power companies typically charge a higher rate for industrial or commercial customers with a low PF.

Recorded data is downloaded to a PC, where it presented initially in graphs and tables in the easy to use Tinytag Explorer Software.

The Energy Logger costs £795 +VAT and is manufactured in the UK by Gemini Data Loggers.

Tinytag Energy Logger

Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd
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