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Jacopa Business Development Manager Kieran Madine has achieved success in a Professional Review to be admitted as a Member of CIWEM (MCIWEM) and a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager (C.WEM).

jacopa Kieran MadineKieran is an active member of CIWEM's Northern Ireland Branch Committee, and a former Chairman of the branch. The accolade reflects his many years of support to the Institution and his commitment to knowledge sharing and environmental improvement.

CIWEM is the leading independent Chartered professional body for water and environmental professionals, promoting excellence within the sector. As part of the Chartership process, candidates have to demonstrate an outstanding track record across a range of competencies to the CIWEM Professional Review Board.

Kieran explains: "Upon satisfactory completion, candidates are called for interview in London, where you are interviewed for an hour by three professionals. As part of the interview, you give a 10 minute presentation that best describes all 15 competencies."

Kieran's presentation focused on a turnkey project undertaken for the Cashel Blue cheese processing plant in Tipperary, Republic of Ireland, for which he and his team analysed effluent treatment options and developed a solution. This was based on a membrane bioreactor, which was chosen because of the stringent effluent quality standards required.

Kieran says: "If you are a scientist, engineer or environmentalist, CIWEM is an excellent way of meeting like-minded professionals, expanding your knowledge and obtaining professional qualifications. If you are thinking of joining or upgrading your membership, I would be delighted to hear from you and I am very willing to help develop your career."

Jacopa Managing Director Alex Lloyd, a Chartered Engineer himself, says: "We are very proud of Kieran's well-deserved achievement, which is very much in line with the company's focus on achieving excellence. The support he provides to others in the industry also does him great credit."