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Irish drainage specialist JC Enviro, looking to significantly reduce its landfill burden, has invested in a mobile dewatering unit will allow the extraction of rag and grit from a variety of waste water systems, including digester cleanouts, storm tank cleaning and gully waste. The new equipment comes from waste solutions company, CDEnviro.

JC EnviroThe dual-stage washing and recycling system is designed for any solid/liquid mixture that requires classification or dewatering. It will allow JC Enviro to reduce the weight and volume of its waste by dewatering all the solids.

As space in existing landfills continues to decrease, especially for such specific waste, JC Enviro knew that this solution would help its business grow by cutting landfill disposal costs.

The CDEnviro technology decreases the amount of material JC Enviro disposes of into the diminishing landfills by approximately 80%. The mobile unit also allows JC Enviro to reduce its carbon footprint by dewatering the solids directly at any site.

The two companies have been working together since 2013 to develop a solution that would benefit JC Enviro's business and help propel them towards the forefront of the drainage industry.

JC Enviro took part in a trial of a mobile unit to test their material. After that was successful, CDEnviro designed a mobile unit specific to JC Enviro's processing needs and abilities.

The G:MAX mobile unit will be installed at JC Enviro's headquarters in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan in 2017; continuing to improve landfill diversion technology across Ireland.