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946 Portable VA Analyser – Heavy metal analysis goes mobile

Metrohm is pleased to introduce the 946 Portable VA Analyser, a compact, portable, all-in-one solution for heavy metal analysis of surface waters. Measurements with the 946 Portable VA are sensitive enough to detect trace level concentrations of total arsenic, mercury, and copper well below the limit values defined by law in many countries, among them the US and the member States of the EU.

Metrohm 946 Portable VAFor lack of viable alternatives, trace level quantification of heavy metals have usually been performed in the laboratory using high-end techniques such as, e.g., IC-ICP/MS. The 946 Portable VA on the other hand not only frees the analysis from the lab but is also much less expensive than competing technology and also enables users to discriminate between species of heavy metals such as the highly toxic As(III) and the less toxic As(V).

Handling the 946 Portable is straightforward and measurements take only a couple of minutes providing matching the results produced in the laboratory in every regard, be it sensitivity, accuracy, or reproducibility.

At the heart of the measuring stand is a unique, disposable sensor (the scTRACE Gold), which can be easily exchanged due to a clever plug-in design. The complete set-up with measuring stand, accessories, and bottles comes in a portable carrying case.