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DELIVERING OUR PURPOSE - update on our progress in 2016/17

The latest Delivering our Purpose report from BT shows how the company is delivering against ambitious 2020 goals and how they've been bringing their purpose to life during 2016/17.

BT delivering our purpose reportBT's purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world and the latest report from BT outlines how the global communications company is focused on delivering positive change across a number of challenges including tech literacy, social disadvantage and climate change.

The Delivering our Purpose report also shows BT's progress towards its 2020 ambitions including:

• BT helped customers avoid 10 million tonnes of CO2e emissions, and generated £5.3 billion revenue from the products and services that helped them do it. These figures include EE for the first time and mean BT remains a 'net positive' business, achieving 1.8:1 on its 3:1 carbon abatement goal.

• 31% of BT people volunteered with charities and communities, and BT used its skills and technology to help generate £422 million of its 2020 £1 billion goal for good causes (since 2012/13).

• BT has helped 3.9 million people overcome social disadvantage through the company's products and services since 2014/15 on the way to its 10 million target.