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Ransom Naturals choose Axum Process to design and build a mobile ATEX Zone One rated Membrane Filtration System 

Ransom Naturals Ltd has been working closely with membrane filtration specialists, Axium Process, to develop a system that would process an aqueous or solvent based extraction process to reliably remove suspended solids and bioburden from raw plant extracts to meet product specifications.

Axium Ransom NaturalsRansom Naturals is part of the OBG Pharmaceuticals Group and a leading developer and manufacturer of natural products and extracts to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetic, Food and Drinks industries.

Following previous experience with extraction technology involving membranes, Ransom Naturals commissioned Axium Process to design and build a mobile ATEX Zone One rated membrane filtration plant able to move to a number of positions in their factory. 

Membrane technology provides excellent results for the removal of bacteria, yeasts and moulds from extracts  and Ransom Naturals chose Axium Process as their preferred supplier due to their experience of natural extract separation from a wide range of products utilising membrane filtration technologies and its ability to design and build ATEX rated systems.

The plant which was finished to pharmaceutical standards was designed and built in house; the system fully installed, commissioned  and operator training carried  out by Axium’s specialist engineers in a very short window.