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As our Corporate Responsibility Summary 2017 shows our sustainable business strategy is focused on defying uncertainty by using bright ideas to tackle the important issues of our time for our customers, our communities and our world in a number of areas, including:

aviva web 2018Environmental impact: We continued to reduce our emissions as we progressed towards our targets. We have reduced our CO2e by 53% since 2010. Our work in this area includes stress testing different climate scenarios, low carbon investing, supporting environmental products and services, and reducing our operation's environmental impact.

Supporting communities: Our community development activity included continuing support for carbon offsetting projects.

Transforming the money markets: We continued our call on businesses and governments to work in partnership to accelerate the use of sustainable capital markets.
Creating products that protect what matters: We are creating products to help our customers protect the people and things they love, while also benefiting the environment and wider society.