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Environmental Integrated Solutions Ltd

Committed to maintenance for abatement equipment

We understand that abatement equipment is a necessary integral part of today's manufacturing processes. Our commitment, through our maintenance and service team, is to provide a comprehensive maintenance support package, designed to meet the requirements of every customer.


env-integrated-picWith this in mind, EIS offer a comprehensive range of services to keep your equipment operational and compliant.

We are proud of the reliability of our VOC Abatement and Odour Control systems. However, we realise that situations can occur that can cause unplanned downtime.

Many technical issues can be resolved with telephone support from one of our engineers. Alternatively, EIS can supply remote monitoring systems to provide a high level of diagnostic capability. When a problem cannot be resolved, an EIS Service Technician will visit site to carry out the necessary repairs to correct any technical issue.

EIS provide the following services:
• Preventative Maintenance Plan
• Engineering Packages
• Installation Services
• Repair - Retrofit - Refurbishment - Relocation

Contact: Environmental Integrated Solutions Ltd. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone (44) 121 5507079.