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Shared Interest


Mary Coyle MBE, the Chair of Shared Interest, says: "I am pleased to report in this set of Social Accounts that we have made considerable progress in achieving the goals set out in our 2014 Strategic Review. This year our lending supported over 160 producer groups, helping almost 375,000 individuals in 60 countries, 30% of whom were women."

shared interest webmain"Our Lending Team is now embedded overseas and this has led to improved customer service, increased our market intelligence, and has created greater opportunities for partnership working.

"We strive to work in areas where other lenders are less keen to operate in order to deepen our impact and support those farmers in greatest need. We know that we are one of the few social lenders operating with smaller lending facilities and in many cases work with more vulnerable groups. To widen our reach, we have also started to work with a small number of producers who are not registered or certified but who follow the principles of fairtrade."