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Millions of Dolav plastic pallet boxes assist recycling

Widely used in recycling and waste management, the Dolav Ace withstands harsh use including lead-acid battery recycling. Dolav customers, including recyclers, have bought more than a million Dolav Ace plastic pallet boxes in just ten years. In addition, in the last 42 years, Dolav made and supplied millions of other Dolav pallet boxes globally.

Abuse tested with other boxes by TÜV SÜD, only the Dolav Ace passed all tests and emerged unscathed due to its designed-in strength. Dolav engineered its strength and developed the Ace based on customer input and Dolav's own extensive experience of making and developing plastic pallet boxes since 1976.

Dolav GP Batteries Dolav Ace pallet boxesShould damage occur, repair is easy for a Dolav plastic pallet box using tried and tested techniques. For this, Dolav has provided a simple video guide: 'How to repair Dolavs using plastic welding'.

So widely recognised is the Dolav that the word 'dolav' is often used as a generic name for any pallet box but only Dolav Plastic Products makes real Dolavs. The genuine Dolav Ace is a one-piece moulding with moulded-in, integral runners. It holds 605 litres and 1200 kg up to a max stack load of 5000 kg and is 1200x1000x740 mm.

On-box printing
Boxes can go missing. At any price, that is a financial loss to the owner, so the option of hot die stamp printing to include company name, logo, phone number and/or sequential numbers is available for one or many boxes with Dolav.

Recyclable box
End-of-life Dolav boxes can be ground up and recycled into domestic wheelie bins, using 60% solar electricity, to give years more service in recycling and waste management.