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Sanity System Sany Car

Medically Sanitise a Car for less than 95p

Costing less than 95p per treatment to run and retailing at £25 to the customer, the machine (see video at the end of the article) is the ideal device to sanitize and deodorize both the interior and whole air-conditioning system of every type of vehicle: cars, campers, SUVs, minibuses, ambulances, medical cars, vans, trucks and little crafts.

sanity system mainWhy you need the Sany Car in your dealership: Demand for a reliable Sanitisation System in Sales and After Sales is about to explode. Your customers, employees and suppliers will expect that any vehicle sold or serviced will have been Reliably Sanitised before they receive it and the Sany Car is the perfect solution.

It's a Medical Grade Device that uses a specially calibrated amount of Ozone to completely sanitise the interior and air conditioning system of a vehicle. Ozone has been proven extremely effective in killing bacteria, virus's and other pathogens.

It has an inbuilt 'Safe System' that ensures when a treatment is complete (approximately 23 minutes) the car is safe for immediate use.

The system has the added benefit of permanently removing any smells such as pets or cigarette smoke.

As it sanitises using a gas (no chemicals required), the system ensures that all 'hard to reach' places are completely sanitised along with the actual fabric of the vehicles upholstery.

Unlike other solutions, it leaves no chemical residue in the cabin and will not harm the fabric, rubber or interior electric's in any way.