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Penstock Solutions

The alternative to using Penstock Valves for water containment pollution

There is now an alternative to using Penstock Valves for water pollution containment - the ToggleBlokTM pollution containment device which is manufactured and installed by David Cole's team at Penstock Solutions.

penstock Unmaintained Penstock Valve copyIf you are sourcing a pollution containment device you should expect something that is capable of stopping a flow instantly, easy to instal, easy to maintain, easy to activate and provides you with all of the data you will need as evidence if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in court defending your actions because you suffered a pollution event.

The first consideration in specifying or installing a pollution containment device is choosing a valve that effectively closes water tight and stops flow immediately.

"All too often the biggest challenge in getting customers to implement effective pollution containment systems is the perceived disruption to operations, very often the cost of the solution is dwarfed by lost business", David tells us.

"For this reason the ToggleBlok™ pollution containment devices supplied by Penstock Solutions are comparatively lightweight and modular in design so they can be fitted into existing infrastructure without the need for heavy lifting equipment, civil works or major remediation work.

"Our record for installation currently stands at a week from the first enquiry right through to installation" David reports, "although that isn't always possible or even desirable the design of our devices enables us to move very quickly if the customer needs us to."

Penstock ToggleBlok Installed copyThe big issue remains how the valves are activated. David tells us, "the valves that we provide and install are intelligent devices that are connected to the GSM network for remote and automated activation."

GSM connectivity is useful not only because this enables remote and automated activation but also because this is how the reports and notifications are generated. ToggleBlok™ water pollution containment devices can be triggered remotely from a control centre or mobile phone, more locally with a control panel or automatically by connecting the valves to other devices on the GSM network including fire alarms, environmental monitors, gate sensors, flood sensors, pressure washers and emergency lighting systems.

"Very often the first time a customer knows they are experiencing a pollution event is when they receive a text message from the system telling them that the valve has been activated and that the pollution is being effectively contained."

About Penstock Solutions

As well as supplying and installing their industry leading pollution containment device - The ToggleBlok, Penstock Solutions provide a range of pollution prevention services including water pollution risk assessment, CIRIA c736 advice and support, water pollution prevention training, drainage assessment & consultancy and water pollution containment system design.

Penstock ToggleBlok copyYou will find their website at, you can email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call them on 01299 823158.

About David Cole, Technical Director - Penstock Solutions

David is a pioneer of the spill containment and water pollution prevention industry with 30 years experience. David was instrumental in the development of the CIRIA c736 guidance along with The Environment Agency and is passionate about preventing water pollution.