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BT has published its Digital Impact and Sustainability Report for 2019/20. It includes the themes of 'Building better digital lives', 'Championing human and digital rights' and 'Tackling climate change and environmental challenges'.

BT report webHighlights from the climate section include:

· 42% reduction in carbon intensity achieved since 2016/17

· 92% of the electricity BT consumes around the world was renewably sourced (100% in the UK) at the time of reporting (and now at 100% globally as of November 2020)

· BT has pledged to become a net zero carbon emissions business by 2045

· BT has helped its customers save three times as much carbon as its end-to-end carbon emissions – one year ahead of target

· Introduced pioneering supplier contract climate clauses - 12 key suppliers signed up

· Launched a new plastics policy and commitment.