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New generation of bespoke radiant panels launched by Zehnder Group UK

With a growing requirement for sustainable and energy efficient HVAC solutions, the Zehnder ZFP radiant heating ceiling panel is designed to maximise indoor thermal gains...

The Zehnder ZFP - a new generation of radiant ceiling panels - was launched by Zehnder Group UK in the Summer of last year (August 2020) to help businesses heat and cool buildings comfortably and efficiently, whilst at the same time achieving substantial energy savings and providing optimal, thermal comfort to occupants.

David Simoes, Marketing and Product Manager at Zehnder Group UK, the indoor climate solutions specialist, said: "Now more than ever, thermal comfort is crucial to wellbeing and the requirement for energy savings and sustainable solutions remains a priority for people too.

"The technology within the Zehnder ZFP is orientated for the future and with maximum thermal comfort of occupants in mind. It can be operated with a broad range of system temperatures. That's why it can be combined with modern heat pumps with their lower flow temperatures without any problems."

Zehnder web feb 2021A Good Use of Energy

The panels are suitable for a wide-range of environments requiring heating and cooling solutions – from sports halls and showrooms, to logistics facilities, fulfilment centres and factories. Zehnder ZFP delivers a number of benefits and advantages including an optimum indoor climate all year round, whilst the panels can achieve a proportion of radiation of over 80%, meaning that the supplied energy can be transferred effectively.

In addition, the high stability of the modules means that only a few suspension points are required – significantly reducing the required installation time. Weighing only around 14 kg/m², the Zehnder ZFP can also be used for low roof loads.

Bespoke Solutions Fit For The Future

The individual elements of the Zehnder ZFP are designed as an innovative modular system that can be combined with each other to meet exact requirements and supplied in line with on-site workflow.

Simoes continues: "Individual product components can be combined to suit the needs of each project. For example, a design for a sports hall could include ball guards, raised headers, perforation and acoustic insulation, whilst a solution for a logistics hall could incorporate LED light fixtures. And the food industry could choose a system that allows easy adjustment and maintenance of the desired constant temperature, plus a dust protector panel.

"The vast experience and expertise of our team ensures we can continue to develop and design industry-leading heating and cooling solutions that are truly flexible and allow our clients to make substantial energy savings."

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Advantages Of Zehnder ZFP Radiant Ceiling Panels:

· Bespoke solutions – The Flexible modular design provides the perfect heating and cooling solution for any space

· Maximum corrosion resistance – Consistent and full galvanisation of all components ensures a long service life – an economic investment in the future

· Optimum indoor climate all year round - The Zehnder ZFP does more than keep buildings comfortably warm in the winter – it also cools them down in the summer without causing draughts so that a pleasant temperature is maintained all year round

· Light installation work – The high stability of the modules means that only a few suspension points are required, significantly reducing the required installation time

Zehnder ZFP radiant ceiling panels can be used in all rooms from approximately 2 m to 50 m in height and are available in a variety of designs.