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Naturesave Insurance

Environment Times is raising money for the homeless by creating a 'virtual ecohouse'. Naturesave Insurance is one of the donors. They write: "Naturesave Insurance is a leading UK green and ethical insurance provider providing cover for homes, business, charities and community organisations across the UK. We have been recommended by Ethical Consumer and awarded the top ethical rating for insurance by The Good Shopping Guide.

Naturesave-Insurance-and-trust-diagramIn 2011 Naturesave became the first and only insurance provider to win a Queen's Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development. The company was founded in 1993 and operates nationwide from its base in Totnes, Devon.

Insurance that protects you and the planet

Naturesave's commercial activities fund its charity, The Naturesave Trust, which provides grant funding for environmental and conservation projects across the UK. To date we have generated almost £1 million for the Trust.

Helping Business Become More Sustainable

In addition to grant funding the trust also funds a program to help small to medium sized businesses become more sustainable. Working in accordance with Bioregional's 10 One Planet Living principles, an independent chartered environmentalist provides detailed advice and guidance to help businesses reduce the environmental impact of their operations. This program is available free of charge to Naturesave commercial customers.

Green Home Insurance

For those requiring cover at home, Naturesave's home insurance is bespoke and includes eco discounts for those adopting energy efficient practices within the home, such as cavity wall & loft insulation, double glazing, energy efficient appliances, water butts and for domestic renewable energy systems. We are also specialists in non-standard construction and support those seeking to build more sustainable homes.

Naturesave logosmallClimate Perk Pioneers

At Naturesave we aim to limit our environmental impact by making all business journeys via public transport. Since 2009 we have uniquely incentivised our staff to avoid air travel for holidays by offering the additional journey time as paid holiday. In 2019, we became a founder member of the Climate Perks campaign, which seeks to persuade more employers to take up this innovative policy.

Campaigning For Insurance Divestment

When it comes to insurance itself, Naturesave believe the industry, through its underwriting and investments, is uniquely placed change the world for the better through its investment choices and environmental underwriting philosophies. As a business we seek to encourage our insurance partners to recognise the growing demand for fossil fuel divestment and for insurers to cease underwriting fossil fuel projects, that are out of step with the targets of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

If you want insurance that protects both you and the planet, then give us a call on 01803 864390