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Science & Technology Key for Better Indoor Air Quality

To keep our minds sharp and our bodies healthy, we need to breathe in approximately 18kg of air a day. This is a lot of air, especially when you consider that we eat just 1.3kg of food and drink 1.4kg of water per day. A large proportion of this air is consumed within buildings that we live, work and sleep in, in fact, a report from the European Commission indicates that Europeans now spend up to 90% of their time inside.

panasonic mum piggyback web 520 1Science and Technology = Healthy Air for Life

Panasonic recently introduced a ground-breaking solution, discovered by their R&D team of scientists and technology experts, nanoe™ X, a perfect marriage of science and technology that forms a building block of the future for healthier indoor air quality and incorporated as standard into many of Panasonic Air Conditioning range of units.

nanoe™ X is a cost-effective way to improve air hygiene by preventing transmission of airborne pathogens. The technology collects invisible moisture in the air and applies a high voltage to it to generate hydroxyl radicals contained in water. Hydroxyl radicals, abundant in nature, inhibit the growth of certain viruses, bacteria and allergens. Contained in tiny water particles, nanoe™ X generates particles that have a long lifespan and can spread over long distances.

Recent, independent testing verifies that nanoe™ X can inhibit certain types of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, meaning the air conditioning systems that incorporate the nanoe™ X technology can help bring these incredible benefits indoors so that hard surfaces, soft furnishings, and the indoor environment can be a cleaner and more pleasant place to be. nanoe™ X works independently from the heating and cooling operation of its units and uses minimal energy and requires no maintenance.

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