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Electric vehicle drivers can reduce their charging costs by providing vital real time operational information via visual checks and inspections to boost charge point efficiency... and they earn so called &Charge kilometres!

Bradshaw releases third generation T800 8-tonne battery operated tow tractor

The four-wheel, 8-tonne tow tractor on the market, the T800 has been a popular model for more than 25 years. It is used for baggage towing in airports, line feed in manufacturing, waste movement, bin towing, and many other applications.

Cleanology switches to electric fleet in its latest sustainability drive

Following a deal signed with Nissan last autumn, London-based cleaning and FM firm Cleanology has now taken delivery of its brand new all-electric London fleet.

Go-Ahead expands air-filtering bus fleet following trial success

• Go-Ahead will increase its unique fleet of air-cleaning vehicles, deploying five buses in Southampton by end of 2019.

• Results from initial pilot show that one bus has the capacity to draw 65g of particulates from the air over 100 days – just over the weight of a tennis ball.

Go-Ahead launches pollution-busting bus to clean up urban air

The Go-Ahead Group, one of the country's largest bus and rail operators, has unveiled the UK's first air filtering bus that makes the air around it cleaner as it travels – allowing the surrounding community to breathe easier.

Green Motion wins Green World Environment Award

Green Motion International has won a Green World Environment Award in the international campaign to find the world's greenest countries, companies and communities.

Turbine technology aims to boost affordability, driving distance, and environmental appeal of Battery Electric Vehicles

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. (MTEE), a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group company, introduces the RANGE+, a power generator capable of rapidly charging the battery of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) while driving. It allows for fast recharging, increased driving distance and independence from recharging infrastructure.