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Pielkenrood is one of the world's leading experts in the field of oil / water separation and water treatment and Envorem has chosen to include Pielkenrood technology in its trailblazing sludge and soil remediation system.

Eliminating algae from wastewater is one of the most essential actions we can take to save our environment. Additionally, this is essential to effectively and efficiently operating and maintaining plants and equipment.


Newmarket Pilot Project: SDS smart rainwater harvesting system addresses water scarcity and flooding

Ground-breaking research project advances wastewater grit removal technology

Our two-year research project with the University of Exeter has optimised our stacked tray design, and opens up new performance upgrade possibilities for our wastewater and stormwater hydrodynamic separation technologies.

Hydro International unveils the next-generation modular Downstream Defender® Select

Hydro International is launching the new Downstream Defender® Select, a modular next-generation hydrodynamic separator optimised for the treatment of surface water runoff.

Hina Bokhari, London Assembly Member & Merton Councillor to speak at Floodex 2021

Newly elected London Assembly member Hina Bokhari will be joining Floodex to talk about her work holding the Mayor of London to account on flooding. In her work at City Hall, she's Deputy Chair of the Economy Committee, and sits as a member of the Environment Committee and the Fire, Resilience and Emergency Planning Committee.

Smart Water Reuse and Flood Management Technology "could be a vital strategic water asset" - opinion from Richard Averley, a Director of SDS.

Water infrastructure planners should aim to exploit emergent digitally-controlled rainwater storage and recycling technologies to contribute substantially to water demand reduction targets, as well as reducing flood and pollution risks, say experts.

Easing the cost of phosphorous removal in AMP7 How will you ensure accurate dosing of chemicals? by Bruce Quilter, Sector Specialist - Industrial & Environmental, WMFTG

Treatment chemicals are the largest cost to water companies. Chemical use lies at the forefront of cost-saving plans as the water industry in England and Wales enters the new regulatory asset management period (AMP7). They also carry a heavy embedded carbon footprint due to the scale of production and transportation they represent.

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