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We want to lead the way to a bright, sustainable future. To do that, we've made a set of commitments to ensure we're always striving to be responsible, inclusive and sustainable.

BT has published its Digital Impact & Sustainability Report, charting progress made over the last 12 months. 

BT has published its Digital Impact and Sustainability Report for 2019/20. It includes the themes of 'Building better digital lives', 'Championing human and digital rights' and 'Tackling climate change and environmental challenges'.

The concrete industry is the only UK structural construction material to provide sustainability performance data, as part of a wider sustainability strategy.

BT helps customers cut carbon emissions by 11.3 million tonnes

BT’s annual Delivering our Purpose report, says its products helped customers cut their carbon emissions by 11.3 million tonnes. Revenue from these products totalled £5.3bn, representing 22 per cent of its total revenue last year.


Mary Coyle MBE, the Chair of Shared Interest, says: "I am pleased to report in this set of Social Accounts that we have made considerable progress in achieving the goals set out in our 2014 Strategic Review. This year our lending supported over 160 producer groups, helping almost 375,000 individuals in 60 countries, 30% of whom were women."

As our Corporate Responsibility Summary 2017 shows our sustainable business strategy is focused on defying uncertainty by using bright ideas to tackle the important issues of our time for our customers, our communities and our world in a number of areas, including:

Our CR reporting comprises a yearly performance statement, supported by regular reporting of our activities on this website.

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