Friday, 18 March 2022 09:54

Brighton Railway Station achieved 90% recycling by Global Recycling Day

Rail operator, Govia Thameslink Railway has announced a 90% recycling rate ahead of today's Global Recycling Day, aiming to deliver the highest recycling rate of any station on the rail network. Since the installation of a Mobile Segregation Unit  at Brighton Station in September 2021, the facility has prevented 160 tonnes of waste going into incineration – equivalent of 32 elephants.

brighton station recyclingThe Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) recycling rate is a result of its successful partnership with waste management start-up, The Green Block.

If this rate of recycling continues, GTR – which runs Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern rail services – expects more than 320 tonnes to be recycled in Brighton Station throughout 2022.

Aiming to deliver the highest recycling rate of any station on the rail network, GTR has increased recycling rates to 90% in the last six months, compared an average of 30% prior to the MSU's installation.

Staff at The Green Block's facility segregate, wash, compact, bale, weigh and electronically tag all waste from Brighton station, as well as all Southern and Thameslink trains running to and from the city.

Govia Thameslink Railway's Infrastructure Director, Keith Jipps, said, "We've made a commitment to the UK's green recovery which means seeking out innovative solutions to deal with waste. Prior to the pandemic, around 12% of the total waste collected across GTR's 800-mile network came into Brighton. As lockdowns and restrictions have seen fewer people travelling, this has reduced to 5% but is steadily on the rise as the country adapts to new ways of working. With this scheme we're achieving zero to landfill, with any waste that cannot be recycled turned into energy."

brighton station recycling2Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion commented, "It's brilliant to see the impact the new Mobile Segregation Unit at Brighton station has already made with 90% of 190 tonnes of waste being recycled or composted. This is a great example of how small changes can make a huge difference - and quickly!

"I'm proud that so many businesses in Brighton are stepping up and making their systems and practices more sustainable, despite incredibly challenging circumstances, and I wholeheartedly support GTR's aim of delivering the highest recycling rate of any station on the rail network," she added.

Jamie Lloyd, Councillor in Withdean ward, Brighton and Hove said: "I was lucky enough to visit Govia Thameslink Railway's Mobile Recycling Unit and was impressed by the sheer quantity of waste that was being recycled in such a relatively small space. To recycle over 90% of all the waste that is produced in the station and arrives on trains in Brighton station is a fantastic achievement and we are delighted to have this unit here doing such great work for the city and our environment"

As part of its wider sustainability strategy, the rail operator is installing 1,300 new cycle parking spaces to stations, developing 90 landscaping and rewilding projects and offering opportunities for local young people to gain horticulture qualifications through 18 station projects across the Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern routes.

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