• Arc Intergrated Systems: Preventing algae from impacting treatment plants and the environment Water
    Arc Intergrated Systems: Preventing algae from impacting treatment plants and the environment

    Eliminating algae from wastewater is one of the most essential actions we can take to save our environment. Additionally, this is essential to effectively and efficiently operating and maintaining plants and equipment.

  • SDS - smart rainwater harvesting system Water
    SDS - smart rainwater harvesting system


    Newmarket Pilot Project: SDS smart rainwater harvesting system addresses water scarcity and flooding

  • RWM 2023 - leading event for waste, recycling and resource professionals Trade Shows & Conferences
    RWM 2023 - leading event for waste, recycling and resource professionals

    The Resource & Waste Management Expo (RWM) is a UK premier event for professionals working in the recycling, resource, waste, and broader environmental services industry. Formerly known as RWM & Letsrecycle Live, RWM offers a  platform to connect with like-minded professionals, learn about the latest industry trends, and drive positive environmental change through sustainable resource management.

  • EVO Spill Kits from First Mats Spill Control & Clean Up
    EVO Spill Kits from First Mats

    EVO Spill Kits Now Available From First Mats, Enhancing Workplace Safety and Environmental Responsibility

    First Mats, a renowned Birmingham-based company specialising in industrial and commercial floor matting, has added an innovative range of Oil Spill Kits to its product line. By doing so, First Mats expands its commitment to floor-level safety and environmental responsibility. At the forefront of the range, the Eco-Friendly EVO Spill Kits provide the perfect balance between sustainability and high performance.

Monday, 10 October 2022 15:52

Tesco brushes with idea of scrapping the cardboard box packets of branded toothpaste tubes

A trial to remove un-needed toothpaste packaging in the UK has been started by Tesco. For many years, tubes of toothpaste have been packed in a cardboard box, but now the supermarket giant is hoping to make this piece of packaging redundant. Tesco has begun to test this autumn how customers feel when branded toothpaste is no longer sold in this way.

Last November the supermarket got the ball rolling by scrapping these boxes for its own brand toothpaste – a move which will lead to the saving of more than 55 tonnes of cardboard each year.

The new trial will take place in nearly 30 Tesco stores across the UK and will include all the major toothpaste brands such as Colgate, Oral B, Sensodyne, Aquafresh and Corsadyl.

tesco no cardboard packets Toothpaste 2If successful, box-less toothpaste will then be rolled out across other Tesco stores, with a potential saving of 680 tonnes of cardboard a year.

Tesco Oral Care Buyer Felicity Bexton said: "We made a bold move to remove un-needed toothpaste boxes last November on our own brand and have had positive feedback from customers. Now we are working with the major toothpaste brands to join us on this journey.

"Not only is there an opportunity to remove this needless packaging, but it also means being able to transport more tubes in the same amount of space, helping us take delivery lorries off the road too.

"We think that for customers the move makes sense, because the first thing they do when they buy toothpaste is throw the packaging box away!"

Tesco will sell tubes loose, free from the outer cardboard box.

This move comes as part of Tesco's 4Rs packaging strategy to tackle the impact of packaging waste. Since the launch of the 4Rs strategy in August 2019, the supermarket compny claims it has reduced packaging by more than 3,000 tonnes from its annual footprint.