Wednesday, 12 July 2023 11:06

Portsmouth coastal flood defence concrete aims to boost marine ecosystem

The North Portsea Coastal Scheme's fourth phase is underway and involves a bespoke concrete solution developed by Aggregate Industries, and undertaken by Mackley Civil Engineering, featuring an 'ecoformliner' texture which will help to nurture a marine life ecosystem in the wall's holes and grooves.

portsmouth coastal concrete1The completion of the North Portsea Coastal Scheme in 2024 will mark a significant milestone in the conservation of marine life and the coexistence between nature and man-made structures, while providing long-term security to the city of Portsmouth.

The North Portsea Coastal Scheme is a project funded by the Environment Agency and implemented by Coastal Partners on behalf of Portsmouth City Council, and aims to protect the island from rising sea levels and mitigate the risks of flooding to more than 4,500 nearby homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure.

The bespoke ready mix concrete blend is designed to deliver an aesthetic appeal blending with the surrounding environment. Concrete pours are being made almost daily until October 2023 to cover a distance of over two kilometres, requiring efficient operations throughout.

To help facilitate this project, Mackley are using Aggregate Industries' Concrete Direct software system to distribute concrete through a more efficient process by allowing them to order their own concrete, to their chosen location at exact times, giving them more control of what is coming in and when.

portsmouith coastal concrete2With the ready mix concrete plant located 50 yards away from the site, it is also logistically efficient in transporting the material, which helps to lower the overall carbon footprint

Oliver Wilshire, Commercial Manager for Ready Mixed Concrete at Aggregate Industries, said: "This project is of significant importance, as it involves more than just constructing a concrete wall. This structure will be an integral part of the landscape for the next 100 years, serving as a long-term safeguard for the city of Portsmouth against rising sea levels. But it will also foster the growth and sustenance of marine life, protecting them for years to come.

"We are delighted to have had the opportunity to provide a bespoke ready mix concrete solution to enable the coexistence of marine ecosystems with human-made structures and look forward to seeing this completed in 2024."

The bespoke solution, using Aggregate Industries Ready Mixed Concrete, has enabled a textured formwork that creates a habitat for marine organisms to attach themselves, promoting the growth of marine ecosystems.