Wednesday, 13 May 2015 09:44

Essex plumber's water saving invention flushed with nationwide success

A plumber from Essex who invented a water saving toilet block device has agreed deals with Home Bargains and Aqualogic to secure nationwide distribution for the environmentally friendly product.

plumbers invention copyAndrew Ruddock, inventor of the Ezy Peezy, which reduces significantly the need for flushing, says the contracts could be worth up to £1.5million for his fledgling company.

The 35 year old came up with the idea for the Ezy Peezy while fitting bathroom suites and tightening stopcocks in his home town of Mersea Island, near Colchester.

The device contains a unique combination of pigment and water softeners, neutralising the polluting acids in urine that spread germs and create smells.

As well as acquiring accreditation from Waterwise, the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK and Europe, it has been selected as one of Kevin McCloud's Green Heroes at the Grand Designs live show in London next month.

It will sit among a selection of the best eco-innovations at the heart of the exhibition providing a platform for un-sung designers to showcase their products.

Ezy Peezy recently signed a five year deal with Aqualogic- WC Ltd, to add to their product range supplied to the UK's water companies.

Jonathan Adler, commercial manager at Aqualogic, based in Wirral, said: "We're always on the lookout for new pioneering products and Andy has come up with something special with Ezy Peezy.

"It's the sort of product the water companies have been looking for, for some time and one we are delighted to be involved with."

Tom Morris, managing director of Liverpool-based TJ Morris, which owns Home Bargains, said he decided to stock the product because he was impressed with Andy's passion for water efficiency.

"It's a really interesting product that will fit well into our existing range of toilet fresheners but with an added environmental benefit," he said. "It has proved very popular in areas where it has had publicity. It's crucial to its success that we get the message across that this is a product that can save you money and is kind to the environment."

The product has already attracted the attention of water companies and major retailers and has been endorsed by Waterwise, the UK's leading independent authority on water efficiency.

Unlike most other water saving devices, Ezy Peezy can be retrofitted to existing toilets meaning that it is ready to use in every household and business premises in the UK.

Ruddock estimates that if just one in 20 houses in the UK used one of his devices, it would save up to 37billion litres of water and 16,000 tonnes of C02 every year.

Last year it was trialled in 3,500 houses in Essex and was shown to have saved up to 12million litres of water.

"I went round and spoke to around 300 of the trialists who had, on average, saved around eight flushes a day," says Ruddock, who came up with the idea while he was recuperating from a near fatal illness.

"There is nothing else like this on the market. It can't use reoccurring friendly bacteria because they would be killed by the bleach products most people use to clean their lavatories. Instead it uses water softening agents and a special pigment to neutralise the effects of urine and restore a Ph balance."

Andrew added: "We anticipate that, with Home Bargains and Aqualogic on board, we will see sales rise to 1million units, which could save more than 3billion litres in fresh clean drinking water. This is a monumental step for Ezy Peezy to achieve wider audiences, capitalising on Aqualogic' existing relationships."