Wednesday, 03 June 2015 08:46

Laundries, hotels and spas can get funding to reduce water, energy & chemical use

Eco-innovation funding is up for grabs for business and organisations looking to upgrade their laundry equipment and drastically reduce its water, energy and detergent use, by using a proven pioneering technology.

Xeros CEO copyHoteliers, spas and laundries are expected to be intersted in the new funding assistance coming via system innovators, Xeros. The company has received funding support from the EU's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP) as part of its Eco-innovation initiative. Xeros is the only laundry manufacturer to have access to these funds which give considerable financial assistance to companies that choose to implement Xeros® technology.

Tony Kerr, European sales and marketing director, Xeros, said: "For those providing crisp, clean linen and soft, fluffy towels and robes time and again can become expensive. For example laundry is an essential part of any hotel or spa operation and keeping linens clean to the standards expected by guests and replacing worn or aged linens quickly adds up.

"Managing how such items are washed is a key part of keeping them in top condition and ensuring longer fabric life. Conventional commercial laundry machines rely on harsh chemicals, high temperatures and a rough mechanical action which can wear out delicate linens. Upgrading existing laundry equipment to a Xeros system is the ideal solution for those looking for superior cleaning quality whilst minimising their costs."

Xeros delivers innovative and proven commercial laundry systems to hotels, spas, gyms and commercial laundries, and can count four out of the five largest global hotel chains in the US market as customers.

Xeros machineThe Xeros process involves water being largely replaced by re-usable and recyclable polymer beads, which can be used for hundreds of washes without losing their effectiveness. Compared to conventional washing machines, the Xeros system delivers cleaning quality while using up to 80 per cent less water and only half as much energy and detergent.

The company point out that their system's lower wash temperatures and gentler washing action means laundered items smell fresher, stay looking new and feel softer for longer, compared to when washed in conventional machines. The need to buy replacement linen is therefore postponed for longer.

Tony Kerr added: "This new funding means hoteliers can purchase and benefit from Xeros' ground-breaking technology at a reduced cost. We are already successfully installing machines that are being subsidised by the fund, presenting these customers with a fantastic opportunity to see the superior cleaning results our machines deliver."

Comparing a typical 23kg machine, a saving of 1.5m litres of water can be achieved each year when using a Xeros laundry process. Hoteliers can expect to see cost reductions of between 30 to 40 per cent – manifested in features such as diminished electricity and water bills, plus lower charges for effluent production.